LabReqs FAQ's


How long has LabReqs been offering lab testing direct to individuals? is a new direct to consumer web portal developed by our parent company PicMed Wellness. PicMed has offered consumer lab testing since 1992.  PicMed has also worked with tens of thousands of individuals providing on demand lab tests, vaccinations, and health screenings. PicMed works with many Fortune 500 companies nationwide. At our medical clinics in Texas, Oklahoma & Arkansas, any one can come without appointments and get direct lab testing.

To find out more about PicMed clinics visit or 

What makes different from other similar sites? The number one thing that makes Labreqs different is our commitment to the health and well being of  our patients, as well as, our fundamental desire to provide each person with a valuable service at a great price. We also have a dedicated care team available to answer questions by phone, email and live chat.  We offer incredible pricing due to our volume of tests provided to our corporate clients.  We also have the largest network of clinical lab partners and medical providers who offer lab testing and preventative health services. Our Lab Locator has over 7000 partner sites and is currently working to add an additional 3500 sites to our searchable engine

Will I need mine own doctor's order with this Lab Order?  No.  All   will provide you with doctors orders. We have doctors licensed in 50 states. now gives you the access to order your own lab test nationwide.

Will you need insurance approval? No. Since you pay for your tests directly, you don't have to hassle with insurance approval.  

Does accept Insurance? We do not accept any insurance.  We offer great cash prices for our services . You may attempt to get reimbursed through your insurance provider but we will not file any insurance.

Where do you get tested? After you order and pay for your test online, you can go to one of LabCorp's 1,700 or Quest's 2,400 Patient Service Centers to have your blood drawn or specimen collected. Use our Location Finder to find one that's convenient for you.  If you can't find a testing center, please keep in mind we have an additional 3000 occupational clinic providers that we can manually look up for you. Please call us 1-844-455-6355 or email us at

Why can't I get tested in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Massachusetts? Laws in these states require that any lab work be ordered by your personal physician; a copy of this order must be presented at the laboratory. If you live in one of these states and would still like to use our service, please contact us to see if we can provide you with a solution with one of our affiliated physicians.

What are some of the advantages to ordering through  LabReqs offers our clients same day testing, and in most cases, results are back within 24-48 hours. Our lab test cost includes the physicians order and results reporting.  Our experience in providing direct to consumer testing, drug testing, and vaccination services since1992 set LabReqs apart from any other provider. SAME DAY TESTING is contingent on receiving the order early enough in the day and having locations available to test on that day. 

What do you need to do before visiting a test center? Some tests require fasting or avoiding specific foods or drinks beforehand. 

Does help interpret test?  Yes. Our trained clinical care team can walk you through your results and provide clarification if needed. Individuals who order tests must arrange with their own health provider for consultation and interpretation of the test results if they have any health concerns. The test results are not a guarantee of health status or substitute for medical care. It is not recommended that individuals make health decisions until you have reviewed results with a physician.  

What happens with critical lab values? The clinic laboratory will report a critical result to the ordering physician. The laboratory test value should be ascertained by a competent member of the laboratory via a laboratory doctor, clinical chemist, or senior medical laboratory technician, who should discuss the result with the ordering physician.

Will provide anonymous testing? does not provide anonymous testing.  Anonymous testing is where a patient is given a unique identifier, and no official record of testing will be made, no identifying details are passed on to the public health authorities. will provide Confidential testing.  Confidential testing means that results will not be released without written authorization from our patients. For communicable diseases that test positive, local health authorities  will be notified according to all state regulations and laws. is legally bound by HIPAA regulations and Privacy Rules  to protect Personal Health information.

Can provide vaccinations if lab test shows lack of immunity? Yes. has agreements nationwide with clinics that will provide discount tb skin test, MMR , Varicella, Hep AB shots, and Flu shots. These services can not be found by our locator app and must be manually scheduled.  These medical services are not performed at any  LabCorp or Quest locations.

What additional Non-Lab services are provided? We have a partial list of the services on our Medical Services Page.  We do offer these services Nationwide but locations are not listed on our location finder.